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Climbing route in Yosemite

I would need a climbing route in Yosemite National Park doable for someone

* who's in a great physical condition and climbs in halls and
* now would start outdoor climbing (with hooks and ropes) partnered with a very experienced climber.

The route should be a challenge for that person, but doable. The route should take a few hours to take in whole, and the climbing parts of it should be visible from the ground by people with binoculars.

Anyone having any suggestions?

(I googled but as I don't really understand how these climbing things are rated, I'd love to get some input from people with know-how. It's only a side detail so it doesn't need to be super expert know-how - just enough that climbers within my readers won't run away screaming *G*)

Thank you so much for your help!
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