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Pre-existing Derogatory Terms for a Group of People with these Characteristics

So. I'm doing some worldbuilding for a story. Hugely simplified, It's a alternate history story where there was a major global zombie outbreak, coupled with a sudden mini ice age, occurs during the 1960's. The story takes place 50 years after the initial outbreak, when civilization has re-established itself. The story takes place in Northern Australia, where a border has been set up to prevent the spread of the zombies further northward.

A have a group of people who, for various reasons, survived the zombie outbreak and have made it back to the safe area behind the border.
- some are carriers of the virus
- some are immune
- some are survivors of the virus who could relapse
- some are infected with less virulent strands of the virus, so they have immunity w/ side effects- (brain damage from high fever) aka they have 'zombie cowpox'
- some are infected, but the progression is very slow, due to anti-viral drugs/genetics
- some who were infected in-vitro and have deformities
- some have a mutation that allows them to carry small amounts of the virus without a total infection and only some of the side effects.
- some are the children of survivors from infected areas, and are just lucky.
- some are the children of any combination of the above.

Due to the constant fear of another outbreak, they are confined to a specific area and there's a lot of discrimination occuring, due to misconceptions about how the whole zombie thing works. (yes, this is Our Zombies are Different in a post-Night of the Living Dead world). Thing is, I can't think of any really nasty 'racial' slurs- everything I come up with sounds lame. I've found a number of slurs of 'mutant' online- genejoke, darwin- but again, all sound lame, not really nasty and not like something you'd actually see in real life. I'd like to see something based on the fact that many are possible carriers. I think the best bet would be a real-life slur that could be re-applied to the group. Here's some common conceptions that could be inspiration for

- perceived as having a much lower body temperature or cold-blooded.
- being genetic throwbacks, mutants, disabled
- being dumb and uneducated, even retarded
- being cold, violent, and/or crazy due to stress of survival in zombie wasteland (ie all crazy vietnam vets) 
- carriers who either selfishly, carelessly, or even deliberately spread the virus
- being envious/desiring revenge on people who grew up on the safe side of the wall.
- being the children of poor farmers or ranchers from the outback (ie austrailan rednecks)
 Any help you could provide would be appreciated.
Tags: ~languages: (misc): slang slurs & curses, ~names, ~zombies

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