Rosalie (jenny_gwen) wrote in little_details,

Some questions about the 40's.

This is for a Torchwood fanfic I'm writing. A few of the bits in the fic will be set in the 1940's, so I have a few questions. Basically, Estelle (1x5, Small Worlds) is pregnant with Jack's child in the 1940's, only Jack is gone. So she sends letters, pictures, etc. and she gets them all returned, because Jack is marked as dead. My question is, how did the postal service work back then? Did they have post offices, were there mailmen delivering door-to-door; in other words, would someone tell her in person her letters were returned, and that Jack was presumed dead, and if so, how would they say it?

How were family relationships in the 40's? Specifically, How would Estelle act with her daughter when she's between the ages of 10-20? Would they be close, would they hug, would there be physical contact? Just in general, how would a mother act towards her teenage daughter?

Tags: 1940-1949, uk: history: world war ii, ~postal service

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