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STI screenings/Sex Ed.

Setting: Modern-day America, moderately-sized college town.

Situation: Group of friends getting STI tested.

Searched: Various permutations of 'group sti testing', but that tends to lead to scholarly articles on which groups are most at risk.

1) I need to know firstly, if a health clinic in a university would offer STI tests as standard, or if students would have to go to an off-campus clinic to get tested, and if they are, about how much would it cost? At my university (Ireland), STI tests cost (other treatments were free) and limited to 'minor' STIs. Would this be common, or would places be likely to offer more comprehensive access to testing?

2) If a group of friends went to get tested together (one is writing an article on getting tested, and drags her friends with her), what kind of procedure would there be? I figure they would obviously get their results individually, but would the pre/post-screening advice sessions be done in a group, or still individually? (Or would there even be advice sessions?)

3) [This is more anecdotal advice] When it turns out one of the friends is infected (something minor, probably chlamydia), would it be excessively weird for the rest of the friends to tease him about it? The group is mixed, five guys, three girls, and are all pretty close friends. [I know how my friends would act, but my friends have no concept of propriety]

4) All the characters come from different states, so I presume they'd all have different levels of high-school sex ed. Two of them are from the south. (Mississippi and South Carolina) Would they be likely to have had Abstinence-only sex ed? Two of them went to Catholic schools, so would they have had comprehensive sex ed, or abstinence-only as well? Is there anything that sex ed is required to cover, even if it's abstinence-only?

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