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Hello! First time poster here so if I get some formatting thingy wrong, don't sue me. xD Now, onward...

Story Type: Sci-Fi Action/Mystery desperately attempting to be a little scientifically and probability accurate

Setting: A few hundred into the future where large corporations terraform worlds all across the universe and galaxies have become like modern-day nations. The main part of the story takes part on a backwater cargo ship that crash lands on a planet undergoing terraformation.

A little more info: One of the central characters is an animal-human hybrid created by a corporation to inhabit "useless" worlds that are undergoing terraformation. Basically, when the enviroment is too harsh and wild for humans to thrive in these creatures can live and build their own cultures. Since they haven't discovered any intelligent alien life, they're creating it.

But what I'm stuck on is:

1.) What animal would "mix' best with human genetics and
2.) Which animal would be best suited to humanize and create a new species out of?

At first, it might sound like 1. and 2. are similar but for example:

Dolphins might be the most intellient animals after primates, but a dolphin/human hybrid would be mostly restricted to water and wouldn't be able to use tools the way a person would. Besides, for my story, I need my hybrid to be able to thrive on land.

Research I've done: Google'd "most intelligent animal" and "animals most like humans" 

 Help please? :]

Tags: ~animals (misc), ~science: biology: genetics, ~worldbuilding

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