lady_puck9999 (lady_puck9999) wrote in little_details,

English Laws on Spousal Abuse, 1870s

Hello again,

I'm looking for a information on spousal abuse laws in England (specifically Dartford, in Kent, if it matters) circa the late 1870s. So far I've only been able to find partial texts of theses and books, none of which have been particularly useful.

I'd like to know things along the lines of the "you're allowed to beat your wife as long as you use a stick no wider than such and such." Basically, things that are legal to do to a spouse but which would be assault if you committed them against someone else. However, anything anyone can provide me will be better than what I have!

Tags: 1870-1879, uk: government: law enforcement, uk: history: victorian era, ~marriage

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