Kate (acetamide) wrote in little_details,

Zygomatic fractures

Setting: Iowa, USA, modern day.
Situation: a 21-year-old, very healthy & fit young man gets into a bar fight and subsequently gets punched in the face.

First things first - is it feasible for his zygomatic bone to fracture if punched hard enough? If not, then the rest is irrelevant.

If yes..

Would a person with full medical training be able to actually feel it with their bare hands if they were checking for injuries? Or would a an x-ray of sorts need to be carried out to know for sure?

Also, what type of fracture would it be, and would this affect whether or not it could be felt manually?

I've tried a hundred and one Google searches with varying combinations of phrases but nobody seems to be able to agree. It's all very frustrating.

Thank you in advance!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: broken bones

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