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Life of an Assistant College Professor

In my novel, Tristan is an assistant history professor at a fictional small college. I've never worked at a college so I have a couple of questions just to make sure I get this right.

1) Would an assistant professor at a small college have his/her own office, or would he/she share with someone else?

2) How did your first day go when you started? Who showed you around? Did anyone show you around?

3) How early does an assistant professor start before the fall semester starts? How about if its his first year?

4) What does the typical day of an assistant professor look like? Is it a 9-5 job, or do you sometimes have to stay longer like a high school teacher?

If you don't feel comfortable answering in the comments, you can e-mail me at unfulfilledpotential@gmail.com .

Thank you so much for your help.:)
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