King of the Weevils (zombie_owen) wrote in little_details,
King of the Weevils

Injury to warrant removal of clothing

Setting: modern-day Cardiff (Torchwood fic)

I did try using Google for the treatment of a broken leg (the kind of injury I was originally going to use), but the only thing I could find was what someone should do after calling an ambulance. I used 'treatment of a broken leg', 'how to treat a broken leg', and 'emergency room procedure for a broken leg'. The last didn't quite fit the situation I'm working through, but it's close enough.

The basic situation is this: The main character is chasing after someone (possibly an alien, though this isn't entirely relevant to the question I have) and at some point during the chase, MC is injured. Because MC and the rest of the team aren't that far from the base, they opt for taking MC back to the base to treat the injury there instead of taking him to a local hospital.

What I'm looking for: Part of the premise for this fic is that, during the treatment of the injury, it is discovered that MC is trans, so what I need is an injury that wouldn't be bad enough to warrant calling an ambulance, but that would require MC's clothing to be at least partially removed for treatment. It doesn't matter what part of MC's body is injured.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order

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