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assault and campus police in Small Town America

Setting: small town america - nonexistant town of 14,000 in (probably) Iowa; based on Iowa City but condensed and modified.

Time Period: September 2007

Previous Attempts at Research: googling things about assault and campus assault services; looking at my school's website for the same, looking all over ISU's DPS site, looking at my bank's site about credit card theft.

The Situation: My main character got mugged - beaten up, wallet stolen. (It's a little more complicated than that - the characters who robbed her also gave her a Talking To about Plot-Relevant Scientifically Impossible Information, but "I got mugged" is all she's going to tell the police.) She staggers down the street and finds someone to call campus police for her, and then ... what?

Question: What will campus police do for her? I know basic police procedure, but I'm thinking over the long-term - will they recommend counselling? Self-defense courses? She tells them it was two guys whom she didn't know (in reality, a girl and a guy that she did know) - will sexual assault be assumed?

Her wallet was stolen: will her bank recompense her? What should she do about that?

Injuries: nothing life-threatening, but she's got a bloody nose, hit several times on ribs and stomach, and hit pretty hard in the breasts. Where would she get first-aid? Presumably not the police station - I don't think? - but then where? Hospital?

Aaand that's all. Thanks, you guys, in advance for any help you can give me.
Tags: usa: education: higher education, usa: government: law enforcement (misc), usa: iowa

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