Nana Banana (speaky_bean) wrote in little_details,
Nana Banana

Hello hello! I've looked on Google, and on the NYC police department website, but I'm not finding anything that's about visiting people in jail, just about prison. This is taking place in Manhattan, NY, in 2002.

Anyway. I have a character who's been arrested for multiple traffic violations--speeding and so on. He's in jail right now, and I want to have his ex-girlfriend visit him, but I'm not sure of the actual procedure. What would she have to go through to come see him? Would they talk through the bars of the jail cell or go to another room? Could she come see him after he gets his "one phonecall"? What would the jailed character have to go through beforehand? I know there's fingerprinting, but what else?


ETA: Okay, I know there's a difference between jail and prison, but is there something you go to BEFORE jail? Like what happens if you just get picked up by the police?
Tags: 2000-2009, usa: government: law enforcement (misc), usa: government: prison, usa: new york: new york city

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