Brigid (shadefell) wrote in little_details,

Question about Badaga Goddess

Several years ago I took a really cool ethnography class on India, Pakistan, and Ceylon. The professor had traveled extensively and taken lots of notes on local folklore. He mentioned one goddess named "Hete" or "Hette" who had 3 ages: maiden, mother, and crone or child/unmarried woman, married woman/mother, crone/widow. She was associated with funeral pyres, which led to her rebirth as a child/unmarried woman.

I've tried to look her up over the years, especially online, but have found only passing references to her (often as a fertility goddess) or else German sites.

Does anyone have any information concerning her, either links or book suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
Tags: india (misc), pakistan (misc), ~religion & mythology (misc)

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