you'd better belive it (sleepfighter) wrote in little_details,
you'd better belive it

south Asian cultural group identification

I'm trying to ID a Southeastern Asian culture group that I heard about once in conversation with someone, because I'd like to do more research on them for a possibly story idea.

From what I can remember,they're in part nomadic, around either Tibet or Nepal. They have a tradition of protecting their girls, spiritually, by marrying them to the Earth, a avacadoish (not an actual avacado, just looks like one) fruit, and the sun, maybe not in that order, by the time they're five, and then after that they can marry their real husband when they're of age. I didn't hear or don't remember what they do to the male kids, and I'm at a loss at where exactly to go poking further.

I've done some googling, with phrases like "south Asian nomads" and "Tibet nomads marriage" but I keep picking up daily life accounts from Tibet and Nepal instead.

Tags: asia (misc), ~religion & mythology (misc)

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