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Runaway charges in Georgia

When: Contemporary
Where: Georgia, USA (Atlanta and surrounds, specifically)
Search terms used: Runaway +Georgia, runaway charges +georgia, georgia laws on runaways, laws +Runaway +Georgia

Other search terms welcome.

I have a 14yo boy, who ran away from home after accidentally killing his father. The father's body was never found (and never will be) and he's technically classed as "missing". The boy was found in a junkyard, by the police (he'd been staying there a while, but was ratted out by someone from his school seeing him, and then the owner, who had been letting him stay there turned around and said the boy was trespassing) and taken to jail.

The police suspect his father is dead and that he did it, but there's no proof (and never will be) so they haven't been able to hold him on any murder/manslaughter charges.

However: I need to know what they would charge him with for being a runaway, and now a ward of the state.

I know he'll get a trespassing charge and possibly delinquency, but need to know what else he might be charged with.

This is Marvel universe, and the character is an AU Kevin Ford (Wither) for anyone familiar with it.
Tags: usa: georgia, usa: government: law enforcement (misc)

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