Snarking toward Enlightenment (chaosphaere) wrote in little_details,
Snarking toward Enlightenment

Male perspective: first time with someone you love

How does a man typically think of the first time with someone he loves? [Particularly if it's his first time with *anyone*]

I'm not asking what the mechanics are, but what does it *feel* like, emotionally. Is he likely to reflect on the experience afterward?

The males I could ask (my best friend and my husband) both seem unable to conceptualize this or put it into words.

The people involved are highly religious. The "first time" takes place immediately before or following marriage. "A score" isn't entering anyone's mind. It's his first time ever. His age? Equivalent maturity of about 30. He spent much of his life with monastic orders. The two people involved wanted to be together, for a long time. I'm a woman and just don't know how to think of this in any but a "feminine" way of thinking, though.

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