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Tourist destinations in Japan

I'm currently working on a fan fiction based on a Japanese group fandom.

But for the story, I looking for a few famous spots that a couple can visit (though they aren't considered as couple just yet)

I did google it already and i came across a few forums that has all the famous spots.

I would like to collect more information with details so that i can make comparisons.

The story is about a half-japanese girl who moves to Japan. She doesn't have any acquaintances nor relatives there but she met this guy on a train. This guy seems to like her a lot and visits her the day after their encounter. After going for breakfast and shopping for a table lamp in Akihabara Town, he decides to bring her on a tour around Japan.

I would like to pick out a few spots/destination that is closer to Tokyo area
that wouldn't take more than a whole afternoon to tour.

I would also like to have some suggestions on places they could have dinner at.
Preferably somewhere with a splendid view and fine Japanese food.

Other suggestions that doesn't fit in with the details are welcomed to as it might be useful for future references.
I don't mind if you just leave a link to a website with details but I would appreciate if someone could give me details from personal experience.

To those who could tell me based on personal experience, could you please put in some details such as how the place felt to you personally, a little description of the place and also how long would it take to reach from Tokyo Station.

please and thank you~
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