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The making of dresses in 1813

My character is getting a dress made by a professional dressmaker as a gift from a rich employer. Is that plausible? EDIT: She's a companion to a woman.

How long would it take, roughly? What about when/if she makes her own dresses? Would people often adapt dresses belonging to other female relatives if they went out of style etc?

Does anyone have info on the process? (I had a dress made once but I imagine things have changed :D)

These seem like the sort of obvious questions you could find info on really easily but my google fu has failed.

Wikipedia: dressmaking

regency/19th century seamstress/tailor/dressmaker

I found The Life of a Seamstress and a lot of other info about the lives of seamstresses, which was very interesting, but not what I was after :)
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