red_fox_writer (red_fox_writer) wrote in little_details,

Dog bite injuries

Setting: medieval England (1193 to be precise)

Researched: varients on 'dog bite injuries' and 'dog attack injuries to leg'  - I just got a load of stuff about news items and laws etc.

My character is a 19 year old female who is both fit and healthy. She is attacked by a large dog, roughly the size of an alsatian, which mauls her leg. She is also wearing sturdy leather boots which come up to her knee.


1. What will her injuries be like? Would they just be punture marks or could the dog's teeth/ claws rip her flesh?

2. What would her boot look like after the attack?

3.How long would it take to heal? And how long would it take for her to be able to walk on it?

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated

(This is my first post so any tips/ criticisms are also welcome)

Thanks xx
Tags: 1100-1199, ~animals: pets, ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~middle ages

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