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Contemporary Maori Culture

I'm trying to get some details on Maori culture as it stands today. I've searched under Maori culture, urban Maori, Maori tribes (or iwi) as well as specific iwis.  I've found lots of good information but failed to capture some topics. so here's hoping that some one can help me.

My MC is the grandson of an elder, the head of a Maori hapu (sub-tribe) or of the whanau (family group). His father has rejected his culture and thus the grandson will be the head.


1. Would there be a chief/head of a whanau, or of a hapu (I am reluctant to use the chief of an iwi)? Is that person significant in the group member's lives, as in would the younger come to the chief for advice and direction.

2. Is there a ceremony to pass on that leadership, before or after the death of the current cheif?

3. With respect to using the poi, would the young men of the tribal group regard it as only for women?

Thanks in advance
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