eclecticquill (eclecticquill) wrote in little_details,

Wills/Inheritance/Trusts - NYC

My setting is modern day NYC. My MC character has inherited from an aunt a house and a trust for the house's upkeep.  For plot purposes, I don't want the MC's name to appear as owner of the house. Or, at least, I don't want her name to be easily found as owner.

I've read various things on wills and trusts, but honestly it's over my head.

Can anyone simplify?

The MC can be listed as Administrator or Trustee, just not "Jane Smith owns the house at...." I also need her to have fairly easy freedom to sell the house.

A while back, I read about people putting property into LLCs and listing themselves as owners or shareholders of that LLC. Would this be an easier or more logical way of "hiding" ownership? 

She's not hiding money from the IRS or anything, just trying to make it harder for people to find her.
Tags: usa: new york: new york city, ~inheritance

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