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Largest boat that one person can handle?

I've gotten myself into a pickle here.

Setting: a couple hundred years in the future, Los Angeles

Question: I have a main character who's grown up on a boat, and is hired to sail for a man who's apparently been sailing this boat by himself (his sister is there to "hold stuff" but he's a control freak and doesn't let her do anything on her own). What I need to know is what is the largest boat he could be sailing like this. It should have living quarters, etc, as they live on this boat.

I know very little about boats; I've sailed dinghies before, that's it.

I've read all the entries here, looked at sailing sites, Wikipedia, etc ... but before I can know anything I see that I need to know what kind of boat they're on. These sites assume you know what boat you're on and for that I need your help.

Thank you so much!

ETA: you all are awesome! :D
Tags: ~boats and other things that float

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