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Korean names

Setting: Present day

One of my characters is Korean, and although I've given his character a lot of care and attention, I haven't actually named him. I have a very basic understanding of how Korean names are structured, but I'd like to learn more. Unfortunately, I haven't found more than a few voices on the subject by searching online, and books on the subject seem to be scarce. Mostly I've been finding lists of Korean names in global name databases with either a brief description or no description at all. The most helpful resource I've found yet is Ask a Korean, which is fantastic, but I thought I'd cover all my bases by asking a few questions here and getting more than one source.

1. What sorts of names are considered unusual? Unusual can span anywhere from mildly uncommon to "Were your parents sober when they named you?"

2. I've read about generational names that siblings share. Does this apply to most families?

3. Lastly, what is your favorite Korean name (meant for either boys or girls)? The meaning would be lovely, too, if you know it!

Very much appreciated, and thank you!
Tags: korea (misc), ~languages: korean, ~names

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