Caitlin (amor_demi_alma) wrote in little_details,

Cancer Afflicting a Teenaged Girl

Setting: Modern-Day; United States
I need a kind of cancer that could afflict a teenaged girl (17 or 18 years old) of Hispanic heritage. It doesn't matter how long she's had it, but I need her to be able to go to school functionally, although it would be all right if she had frequent absences. Preferably, I'd like for there to be no outward clues that she's sick, except for her to be losing hair and possibly be pale. (The object here is that she wears a wig, so her classmates would only notice her pallor and absences; she's keeping her cancer a secret from everyone as best she can.) I'm aiming for a cancer that's pretty much static in symptoms and effects until it suddenly worsens, lands her in the hospital, and unfortunately kills her. I'm trying to avoid leukemia, because it's so overdone in YA lit. I've read about certain kinds of cancer, and none have particularly stood out as being things that could work for me.
"Cancer" Teens
"Types of Cancer"
"Illnesses" Teens
Thanks in advance!
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses to order, ~medicine: illnesses: cancers

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