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Death by Spinal Shock/ Broken Neck

Setting: modern-day USA
search terms: broken neck, break neck death, spinal shock death blood, spinal cord death

Hello all! Me again with another need for a gruesome death, this time a broken neck. Questions after the jump.

Basically what I've got is one lady murdering another lady during an intimate moment by breaking her neck. (which during the course of this research, I learned that "Death by Cunnilingus" is apparently band name) Now nevermind the amount of pressure or strength this act would take, as this is a horror story and the lady doing the murdering has supernatural strength.

What I need to know is if this act would cause a bloody death. I know that if the spinal cord is severed during a broken neck, it can either cause a 3-ish minute death by asphyxia or instant death by spinal shock. If either of these are the case, does the act cause the fracture to go through skin and commence with a blood spray or is the break contained within the body? It would certainly help my story if the latter were the case, but I suppose I can write around it if not.

Second question: which of the two scenarios is more likely, spinal shock or asphyxiation?

I hope that next time I can ask a question about kittens or cupcakes. Until then, thanks for your help, Little Details friends!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: broken bones, ~medicine: suffocation

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