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Mod notes

Y'all have been wonderful, really. This is just something that wasn't made clear in the user info when this community was first created. I've since edited it, but those of you who joined early might have missed it.

This community isn't here to replace your own research.

Asking questions is fine--that's what we're all here for, after all. But don't be lazy. At least try to do your own research before you come to us, especially if you have a question that you think you might be able to find info on.

Doing your own research has three important benefits:

1) It keeps this community's post number down. We have a ton of members, but if we don't want the number of posts to grow so much that people no longer want to watch this community on their friends page. (If they're not watching, they're not answering anyone's questions.) There's no easy solution to keeping post numbers manageable, but if find an answer to your question on your own, it helps.
2) You might find pages that are more informative than we are.
3) IT'S GOOD PRACTICE. The more you research, the better you get at it.


Should I create a community similar to this one, but for questions not related to writing?*


Would you join it if I did?

Depends on how lame it is


I don't have an opinion. I just want to close the poll.

* Specifically, I've noticed that several people have asked questions that they don't need answered for a story that they're working on; they're just curious. This isn't against the rules--yet. But if I create a separate community for questions like these, it could help keep post count down for those who only want to answer questions if it has to do with fic. Of course, if you monitor both communities, the net effect is null.

And it wouldn't keep people from lying ...


And finally, I'd just like to remind new members that there is an entry where you can suggests links to be included on the "Resources" part of the user info. Series-specific links are great, and so are general info sites.

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