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Las Vegas Police - Arrest And Behaviour

Setting/Background: Present day USA, basically our world/cultural context for the purposes of this particular story. So in essence, it's the contemporary world.

Searched: Las Vegas city website, Las Vegas police website, Nevada Bar Association. Search terms 'arrest procedure Las Vegas' 'sentence drunk disorderly Las Vegas' 'Vegas Police Formal Caution' 'arrest+Las Vegas+tourist' 'Las+Vegas+Criminal Law' in various combinations

I can't quite work this out (I can't shake the feeling that I'm missing something obvious here in the search terms I'm using). So I've got three out of town guys going to Vegas for a guys weekend and basically, mayhem ensues and they get picked up by the police. The difficulty comes with the fact that I need them to not end up in jail and to be able to get bail/released relatively quickly. At the moment, the most likely is looking like Drunk and Disorderly from a bar room brawl that got out of hand - mostly they were just defending themselves and it's unclear who started it and no one wants to press charges.

The trouble comes in that one of the characters has a prior juvenile record (he's gotten up to a lot more, mostly involving fights in bars as an adult but they didn't come to police attention) and I can't seem to find whether it would be sealed in Vegas.

-Is there any particular crime involving bars, brawls and property damage that is most likely to result in them not going to jail or the case going to trial (they do have a very good lawyer acting for them, the other two characters do not have prior criminal records, it is worth noting)?

-The other problem is that well (this isn't something that I can work out how to google), all three of these guys have what might be politely termed authority issues and the one with the juvenile record has a particular problem, especially when not entirely sober. One is something of a playboy/New York rich boy type and tends towards sarcasm as his default at the best of times. What kinds of remarks can I get away with them making towards the police officers who interact with them that don't make the officers really irritated at them? (thus far I'm going with more generalized sarcastic comments and a lot of them are directed at each other)

This second one is totally egregious to ask but I'm really stuck and wondering - what are some good places/sources of online information on legal and police issues and procedure that you've found useful, particularly for United States police forces (I tend to use Law Libray, Law Library of Congress and the ACLU).

Tags: usa: government: law enforcement (misc), usa: nevada
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