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Murdering a serial killer

This is slightly more complex than simply murdering a serial killer. Part of the story would involve a man who was sent to prison for being a serial killer but he was actually innocent. The man then escapes from prison and sets about finding the real killer. He eventually does and then murders them.

Obviously there are many aspects -- the fact he had been wrongly imprisoned, the psychological toll that might take on a man, the difference between pre-meditated murder of the serial killer or whether it was just second degree murder.

Question after the cut.

My question is: what would happen to him? Obviously vigilante justice is illegal, but would there be extenuating circumstances due to the previous prison term? Is there any hope for escaping a new prison term? Parole? Perhaps a mental institution? Are there any examples of this? (Highly unlikely, I know.)

If nobody knows the answer (because there's no previous examples to draw from) then I'm interested in what would happen if you killed a serial killer without any of the other prison term stuff. Just in general terms, so I have some basis in fact to draw inspiration from.

Searched: "murdering a serial killer" "kill a serial killer" and similar permeations.

Setting: Chicago, Illinois

Many thanks!

Tags: ~law (misc)

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