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Jobs in a desalination plant

I'm considering having a minor character fake her way into a job in a desalination plant. For complicated reasons, she won't be able to get a basic, unskilled job there (though I'd still like to know what such jobs would entail), she will probably have to go for something slightly more senior. (She's late 30's/early 40s). Is there any job that someone actually unskilled but bright and persuasive, with a good, fake CV and good, fake references (large numbers of credible-sounding people will be ready to vouch for her) might plausibly be able to get - and carry  out once she'd got it?

I searched "desalination plant work" etc, then more specific strings like "job in a desalination plant"  - with which I got this:

... which was suprisingly helpful, but still doesn't tell me what the jobs actually entail - e.g what do the "local operators" and the "labourers" do? I need to be able to have someone say "She works there as an [x]" "Or she does [x] there," in such a way that the reader can get a sense of the job, and "She works there as an operator" won't really tell them anything.
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