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Eclipses by the century

You have to adore Wikipedia for that little bit of verisimilitude.

At the bottom of the entry for Solar Eclipses, there's a list of eclipses from 3736BC to the 30th Century.

Ok, so the idea that your time-travelling character arrives at a location just two days before the solar eclipse that they will predict and therefore have the locals proclaim them as a god is just a little overdone. But did you want the hero's sister to be blinded? Find the date for the eclipse she watched while everyone else cowered in their stone-aged huts. Want the parents' wedding to be cursed for all time? At the very moment they were declaring their love... you get the idea.

And yes, I know they got the list from NASA, but the format's a little easier to read.

Now please excuse me. I have a primitive fictional Tasman Sea native tribe to be brought into submission under my iron heel on 1st February 2614.
Tags: #resources, ~science: astronomy

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