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War trauma + unusual fantastic event

Hi, first time here.

I have a character who's been through some pretty serious psychological trauma. I'm not entirely comfortable with the particulars being posted publicly, but suffice to say that he was a teenage soldier with abandonment problems who ended up suicidal. I'll gladly explain the particulars over PM -- sorry if this is a little gauche, but there's some information there I want to keep away from readers (ha) until later, and I'm paranoid enough to not want it anywhere publicly accessible. Anyway, our soldier guy dies in his war, and here's where it gets tough to research, because this is one of the key "fantasy" events: he has no idea how or why, but his mind, his "soul" for want of a better term, ends up in the body of a newborn girl.

My question is: aside from unusual intelligence in general (to say the least), what signs would be visible to her family members that there's something different about this girl as she's growing up? There's the age thing, the gender, and the war trauma to consider, along with the simple fact of her keeping such an enormous secret from everyone else, and I'm not sure how they'd all interact and affect her psyche visibly. Said girl is born in Japan in the late 1980s, if that's relevant.

I tried Google and Wikipedia searches for psychological trauma, along with various combinations with the more particular issues, but this is by its nature pretty speculative. So I know I'll have to make a lot of it up -- that is, of course, what writers do -- but I hope I'll be able to have at least a little psychological realism here. If that's not enough to be a good fit for this comm, let me know.
Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry (misc), ~woo-woo

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