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Metals used for coinage.

Um, hello~!

I’m doing some world-building for my story, and I’ve run into a bit of a problem with my fictional currency.

Namely, I’m not sure what metals they would use in making it. I’ve already looked up the metals used in making currency, but I’m not sure which would be available to them.

So this story takes place in a pre-industrial period (the late middle ages, basically). The city-state in question is very small, but has full control over the local resources, which include gold, platinum, and nickel. They have plenty of excess resources, but they’re fairly isolationist (have always been fairly isolationist) and would rather not have to trade if they didn’t have to. For their geographic location, imagine a place on the northern coast of Russia.

Incidentally, my research on the Russian rouble turned up information about the amount of precious metal in it, but what else would have been used?

I’d also appreciate it if I could know, roughly, what metals would be worth more than others. (I can’t use modern statistics because trading isn’t such an issue now.) You can feel free to assume that debasement is going to happen before the coin’s actually put into circulation.

Already searched: information on the Ural mountains, currency, the dollar, the rouble, the metal in rubles, pretty much every metal used in currency, coins, and similar. This site has come the closest to what I’m after, but unfortunately, it misses the exact thing. Also checked the tags I thought would be relevant, but sorry if I’ve missed one!

I hope I've been specific enough. Thank you so much for any help you can provide.
Tags: ~metals, ~middle ages

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