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Hand injury and masturbation

Setting: late medieval fantasy world

I really can't believe I'm asking this, as it's just for a rather silly little ficlet, but now the question's bugging me, so here it goes.

In canon, the character has lost three fingers on his right (dominant) hand due to an injury - he has only his thumb and index finger left on that side. It was long enough ago that it's healed, and for him to have re-learned sword-fighting using his left hand.

My question is, when he masturbates, would he be more likely to use the dominant-but-injured hand, or his off-hand which still has its full set of fingers? My impression is that most men tend to use their dominant hand (hence the jokes about 'use your other hand, it'll feel like someone else is doing it', etc.) but I don't know whether he would still be likely to have some pain in that hand, or whether the lack of fingers would be too offputting for him to be able to enjoy it.

I don't really expect that anyone will have direct personal knowledge to answer this question (although if you do, great!!) so a more general question, I suppose, is, assuming it doesn't actually *hurt* either way, do you think "right hand, missing some fingers" or "wrong hand, all fingers included" would be preferable for male masturbation?

I've looked through the tags here, to no avail. If you have suggestions for search terms I could use that won't just give me tons of amputee porn, that would be keen.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~sex

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