Callie (callie_chan) wrote in little_details,

Off-topic announcement!

Just a note that I've made memory categories for certain common topics(legal questions, language questions, etcetera), and that I'll be popping relevant entries into those categories so that, if someone's question has already been answered in the community, they'll be able to find it easily. (To that end, I've also tried to make the titles of the memoried posts reflect exactly what they discuss.)

I'll be changing the community info a bit to mention this fact, so that people looking for an answer can just check the memories and (if they're lucky) get their question answered instantly. ^_^

The community is growing faster than I'd expected, even considering the highly-trafficked places I pimped it. o_o I may need mods soon...

Also, to the people who keep thanking me--don't bother! Seriously, I'm getting as much out of this community as anybody else. >D Believe me, my intentions were not entirely altruistic!


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