Kai Nimura (kai_nimura) wrote in little_details,
Kai Nimura

Odd questions

Ok I will be 'attempting' a Major fic soon. to be exact it will have exactly 31 chapters.

1. I need a calander of future dates. ie future years, that show month-day- day of the week- ect.. Each chapter will be a day, written like a journal. Staring with the middle of one month. ending in the following month, when the writer of the journal kills himself. ie chapter 31 is the after effcts. It's in the Harry Potter universe, and after the war, So I have to 'wing' a lot of things. I know the link to the Harry Potter Lexicon. So this all happens exactly one year after the books end. So I need the calander of dates, exactly one year after the books end.

2. The title charather goes through varying stages of depperesion, and the after effects of Post-traumatic stress disorder. With another charather's marriage - engagement, sets him off on a down ward spiral to suicide. So basilcy I'm 'attempting' to make an outline of what stages he woudl go through, given the degress of stress he will be under going. Any tips will be helpful.

3. The big one. I need to find a creative way for hm to die. No hanging, no jumping off a building, so cutting, no sleeping pills. Those have been done, and I don't wnat to touch them. No guns since thsi is britian and, they are very strict on their gun control laws. Since this IS the Harry Potter universe, i was considering useing a potion / poision to do the job, but have yet to find one, that will knock him out then kill him, without causeing him too much pain. But I know such a poision exists. I'm just obvious to the name.

Thank you.

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