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Development Effects of Removing Gonads from a Female Infant

Okay, this comm is awesome, and here is one thing I always wished I could find an answer to way back when, but was never able to.

Searches tried: besides Wiki and a couple 70s-era medical textbooks (hey, I was thirteen, I wasn't Net-savvy), I've since Googled "TAH-BSO + puberty," "TAH-BSO + children," "total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy", "total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy + children," "TAH-BSO + prepubescent," "ovariohysterectomy complications," "ovariohysterectomy children," "ovariohysterectomy," and "female castration." Then I just said, "oh, screw it."

I had a female character who would've had uterus, tubes, and ovaries removed at a young age, and not for a reason of health.  She was given good medical care for it, generally didn't have any problems recovering.  In that setting, it would've been considered a significant procedure, but not a particularly risky one, health-wise.

Not long after, still at a young age but completely recovered from the procedure, she is dumped into the present day setting.  Her medical history is lost, and being a child, she doesn't think to say anything about it, and so there is no follow-up in the way of hormone replacement, etc.

My question is what effects this would have on the physical growth and development of this kid.  At the time of the story, she is in the fourteen-fifteen age range.  Obviously she isn't going to be hitting puberty, but are there any other noticeable effects?  Growth-wise, voice-wise, health-wise?  For what it's worth, she is otherwise healthy.
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