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How to travel to Zimbabwe from the UK

Setting: Modern day, real world(ish)
Search terms tried: variants on 'travel times from UK to Zimbabwe'

I have a character who is travelling from London (airport irrelevant as I probably won't mention it) to Zimbabwe (arrival airport may be relevant... as I may want to know what it is like there). The search above gave me a lot of sites with complaints about Zimbabwe airways and how terrible they are and one mention of an alternative route using SAA 9I presume South Africa Airways) and presumably travelling overland from South Africa to Zimbabwe? Oh, and there was a site which claimed to know all about train times in Zimbabwe (which is potentially useful later in the story but for now irrelevent...)

So, what I want to know is: What is the most likely method my character would use to get to Zimbabwe from the UK, given that he is there on subversive government business and there is currently advice from the UK foreign office not to travel there? How long would this take? If anyone knows what the airport he is likely to land at looks like, this would be a bonus...
Tags: africa (misc), ~travel: air travel

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