crazymule (crazymule) wrote in little_details,

Average time from fossil discovery to museum display

Time: Modern, a few years +- of now

Place: USA, probably Chicago or New York, dinosaur found in strange location (magical origins)

Basically I'm looking for a average time that it takes for a new and strange fossil to be dug up- I presume studied- and assembled to be put on display.

I did find Sue the TRex took about 10 years but I dont know if that would be longer than normal because she was special, being the most complete. or if that was shorter because they didn't have to create any additional bones.

Searched: Famous dinosaur discoveries, Sue dinosaur Chicago, Dinosaur dig, finding dinosaurs, dinosaurs in museums, bringing dinosaurs to museums, dinosaur assembly, and a bunch more I dont remember.

ETA: I couldn't find any dinosaur or museum tags. I looked- promise!
Tags: ~archaeology

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