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Fast Cars in 1994 Japan

Setting: Japan circa 1994/Modern Day.

Searched: Googled "Fast car Japan 1992/1993/1994" and variations. Asked car-savvy friends as well. (Doesn’t help that my knowledge of cars can be summed down with “A key goes in a thingie/You gotta put some gasoline in it every once in a while”)

Background: This character has a thing for fast cars. He still has his first car – a gift from a mechanic friend of his. He would have gotten this car in Tokyo around 1994 and his friend would have customized it a bit to make it even faster and cooler.

I’m trying to figure what kind of car would it be – model and such. Money wouldn’t have been an issue for the mechanic – he’d probably gotten a slightly used car and worked on it in the first place, but he wouldn’t have gotten the most expensive model either. It doesn’t have to be really flashy either, but it should be a nice looking car.

And while the character did his share of reckless driving around in this car, he’s also taken good care of it, so I’m basically looking for a cool looking, fast, more or less reliable 1992, 1993 or 1994 car that could be around today with proper care.
Tags: 1990-1999, japan (misc), ~cars

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