Liz A. Vogel (lizvogel) wrote in little_details,
Liz A. Vogel

Uncommon Pashtun Name

Setting is real-world, more or less now.

I'm looking for a male given or "most-called" name for a Pashtun character. For plot-related reasons, it needs to be a fairly uncommon name -- not freakishly unusual, but distinctive enough for another character to know who it is without a surname or tribal name attached.

I've googled variations of "Pashtun/Afghan/Pakistani first/most-called names" and gotten the usual name sites, but nothing that gives me a good feel for how commonly-used they are. I really don't want to accidentally name this guy the Pashto equivalent of "John".
Tags: afghanistan (misc), pakistan (misc), ~languages: pashto, ~names

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