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Ancient Egyptian terminology

Where: Japan (not really all that relevant, but so long as suggestions would be understood by a Japanese person, it's all good :D)
When: Present-day

I'm searching for a word starting with either a W or a T that would be relatively well-known/immediately associated by the layperson with Ancient Egypt. It can be a person's name (for example, I'm considering "Tutankhamun"), a place, an item (pyramid, mummy, etc.), anything, so long as a layperson (with high school education, at best) might see it and immediately see the connection to ancient Egypt.

The story takes place in Japan, but I'm looking for an Egyptian word/name/item to use in a play title, so the setting of the story wouldn't have much bearing on the term I choose except in accounting for its likely familiarity to the typical Japanese person :)

Any suggestions? Googling for ancient Egyptian terminology has turned up several glossaries of sorts, but unfortunately words beginning with "T" and "W" are not so common. If I can't find any better suggestions, I'll probably just go with the generic King Tut reference, but I'm definitely open to alternatives :D
Tags: egypt: history, ~languages: ancient egyptian

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