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College Alternatives

I have an RP character who will be starting her Senior year of high school in the fall.

She's fairly smart, but has no real motivation to go to college. Her biggest motivations are the following:

1) She really likes helping people. This is fun, since she goes to a school for super-villains (and has been completely clueless about this fact for over a year. She will remain clueless about this, as it's really useful having a student who genuinely believes that it's a good place. PR purposes. And also the second motivation).

2) Her boyfriend, who is starting at Harvard in the fall. He is one of the most powerful supervillains-in-training; her superpowers are pretty weak, so we often joke that her superpower is being his girlfriend. I considered having her go to Harvard to stay with him, and study French (which she's good at), but I honestly can't see her lasting four years in a regular college.

I considered having her go into the Peace Corps, but the quiz on their website said she's not likely to get in with her job experience.

She gets four years "off" from working for the organization before they basically own her soul for the rest of her life (and they do that by providing her with nice things to keep her happy, because if she's happy, then her ridiculously overpowered boyfriend is happy... it's a pretty sweet deal). Most people go to college.

What are some alternatives she might like?

(I searched for college alternatives, and got tons of ads for "complete college at home!!!11" programs. Not helpful.)
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