seekingnevada (seekingnevada) wrote in little_details,

Halal requirements and artificial meat

Setting: 2078, a slightly-anarchic dystopia that used to be the United States of America.

Question: Technology has advanced to the point that most meat produced is now artificial, technically "in vitro" meat. Thus it is grown in a lab rather than cut from living animals. Would this be halal or haram?

Searches: combinations of "artificial meat", "Islam", "halal", "haram", "in vitro meat". I've tried looking at lists of halal and haram foods but they didn't really help. Also tried looking up mycoprotein for some sort of comparison, but my browser kept confusing Quorn and Qu'ran (not kidding) so I gave up in disgust.
Tags: ~food and drink (misc), ~religion: islam

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