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Deep Wounds: Healing and Long Term Effects

Story setting: Limited technology, sort of medieval (Pern, if it matters to anyone). No advanced surgical techniques.

What I've tried: Going through the tags for medicine: injuries (misc), and injuries to order (I think it was!). Also Googling wound healing, deep wound healing, deep wounds. I turned up a few articles but none were relevant to the wounds my character has.

The question:
I feel rather dumb having to ask this sort of question, but I'd like to get it as accurate as possible.

My character got slashed by a dragon across both legs, above and below the knees. The five wounds are a mixture of shallow and deep - not quite to the bone, but near enough - and approximately 10-20 centimetres long apiece. They were sterilised and generally sorted out right away, and are "healing nicely" in the vague terms I've used so far.

What I would like to know is an idea of how long my character, a 17-year-old male in very good health, who's used to hard labour, will take to heal up - or at least get back to his hard work caring for animals, lifting heavy things, etc. What stages will he go through? What long-term effects will he experience? With these sort of wounds I'd imagine serious muscle damage, so some ideas of how long it'll take him to get back on his feet would be greatly appreciated.

Tags: ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds

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