Danny Darko (saru_kage) wrote in little_details,
Danny Darko

Location of Specific Han in Tokugawa Japan

I'm thinking this might be a long shot, but browsing through the relevant tags made me a little more optimistic about someone here knowing the answer. This group seems pretty thoroughly awesome in that respect.

So, in Tokugawa (Edo period) Japan the country was divided up into provinces, and those provinces divided up into smaller regions called han. I'm looking for the specific location of two particular han: Omizo han, and Zeze han. They were both in Shiga province (modern day Shiga prefecture), around or near lake Biwa. The names and locations of the capitol (for lack of a better term) cities, and major towns or villages would also be very helpful. After hours and hours google-fu all I've managed to turn up are maps which show the borders, but aren't labeled, or maps that might contain what I'm looking for, but are in Japanese.

Mostly I'm trying to work out realistic travel times on horseback between those han and Kyoto, but knowing the locations will also help me find the specific topography of those regions so I'll have a more precise mental picture of the scenery of each location while I'm writing.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Tags: japan: history

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