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Good dog breeds for herding small children.

That's right. You read correctly. I'm looking for a good dog breed for herding small children around.

Research thus far:
Wiki'd collies and looked through the sub-types
Googled "dog herding children"
+ found the following:

The setting/background:
The dog will come into play in my story in Massachusetts, on Nantucket Sound, in the early 2030's. The family has just had a baby, and also have a 16- and 6-year-old. The dog is going to be a gift from a very wealthy friend, so the pedigree makes no difference. I'm looking for a dog breed that is low maintenance in regards to grooming, suited to the weather in Massachusetts, has a strong herding instinct, loves the water, is a good guard dog, is good around cats, and is good with very small children. It needs to be sturdy (and gentle & patient) enough to be able to carry a child around on its back, also. I would prefer a medium- or large-breed dog; the father hates small yappy dogs, and can't be bothered with extensive grooming, even if he doesn't have to groom the dog himself. It's a working dog, not a show dog. My apologies for the confusion; the dog isn't going to be a show dog that's kept inside all the time; one of its main purposes will be to watch the children, play with them, etc. That's what I had meant by "working dog". The father works from home, so he has plenty of time to give it all the exercise it needs, and the house is on quite a bit of land, so the dog will have plenty of space.

It's going to be trained to herd the children around, especially once the new baby starts crawling/walking.

From the second link above, it seems like a collie or a German Shepherd would be my best bet, and if I go with a collie, I'll probably go with an English Shepherd. I'm mainly looking for personal accounts/videos (videos would be especially appreciated) of dogs herding children around; I only have vague memories of our Border Collie herding us around when we first got her 13 years ago.

Thank you in advance! ^_^

Also, can we get a "pets" tag, by any chance? I volunteer to go through and tag old entries, if any help is needed ...
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