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(How) Would my character be crazy?

So. No idea how to look this up. To the extent that it matters, the setting is modern-day US, possibly in Arizona. And urban fantasy, so I can't even quite look up similar case studies or whatever.

I'm trying to figure out if, how, and to what extent my character would be likely to have gone off the deep end. Ideal result is--fairly messed up (or at least apparently so) from 12-16, pulls herself together and (quite literally) confronts the source of her fear at 16, then is fairly normal and cheerful (though likely with a few aftereffects)

And now to describe her situation at length.

First off, Our Girl is a little bit psychic. She can sense--not thoughts, or even emotions quite, but the presence and general nature of anyone who gets close enough. Which was about at across-the-room ranges until she hit puberty, at which point it expanded to... almost a mile for bare presence/absence of strong minds, and individual recognition at about a block or so. This is not significantly unbalancing, however--it is information present, but not particularly obtrusive, it doesn't keep her from sleeping or anything like that. Though it does make her essentially impossible to sneak up on.

When Our Girl was 12, a demon-thing ate the neighbor's dog while she watched. She could sense that it was evil/malevolent, and intelligent, and she could tell from its behavior that it knew she'd seen it. However, she also ascertained fairly quickly that it only came out at night, and for some reason it could or would not go into houses. She gleaned later, from newspaper articles and the like, that it may have killed the somewhat disproportionate number of humans who'd gone missing in the area over the past few years. It was, in any case, clearly physically capable of killing a human in its hunting form. (it has 2 forms--an essentially imperceptible mist form, and a big snarly thing with too many teeth)

It seemed to be taunting and/or harassing her for the next several years. Any time she made the mistake of being out after dark, it was obviously waiting for her (in mist form), trying to get her alone to kill and eat her. It also showed up/came by at least once a night even when she was safely inside.

She was obviously and evidently terrified of going outside at night (for perfectly valid reasons), but reluctant to explain why (mostly, no desire to seem any crazier than she actually was, since she couldn't prove the demon existed to anyone *else*)

At around 16, she told a friend about the demon-thing, and with the friend's help built a flame thrower and dispatched it. After that point, she kind of got into the demon-hunting business (she discovered, among other things, that she had a knack for combat) and became rather cheerfully violent towards Things that Go Bump in the Night.

Assuming she was fairly mentally stable *before* she saw Fido get chomped (and had no particular underlying conditions), what problems would she likely have betwixt 12 and 16? What problems would a pshrink be likely to *think* she had during those years? (She'd definitely see one, and probably a fairly good one, her parents are wealthy and her mom's a bit overprotective) What treatments would she likely be on for her (probably largely fictitious) mental problems? Does her transformation from scared child to bad-ass chick seem wildly unlikely? If so, is there anything that would make it more plausible? What residual problems would she likely have *after* she took a level in bad-ass? (I was thinking... nightmares, and trouble sleeping in completely dark rooms)

Anything else you think I should know about?
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