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Professional Equestrians

Setting: Modern Day, California or larger US area

Terms Searched: professional equestrian contracts; professional riding, professional riders, etc. working with horses; etc.

I'm looking for information on how being a professional show rider works. I'm writing in the world of eventing, but if there's no specific information available for that, I'd be happy to hear about show jumping, dressage, etc.

I'd like to know where the money comes from for professional riders. I know they have some sponsorships - does anyone know what proportion of their income would come from this? Otherwise, I assume they are hired by the owners of the horses (I know some riders own their own, but my characters don't have a lot of capital, so I'd rather not have them need that level of investment). Do riders get a portion of the prize money? Is this all? Are ALL riders also the trainers, and therefore making money from training fees?

What I'm hoping is possible - character A runs an eventing stable, has several top-level eventers, but doesn't have the nerve/insanity to show them at the top levels himself. I'd like him to hire character B to ride the horses under A's supervision, and show the horses, but I'd like it to be a part-time thing for B, with him also working for some other owners. If this is possible, how would B be paid? How much time would B need with the horses before he knew them well enough to event them effectively? Is it realistic to have A riding the horses in training and just handing them to B for showing (A has the ability to do the cross-country courses, but he doesn't push quite hard enough to be a top level competitor - does this make sense?).?

Thanks for any help.
Tags: usa: california, ~animals: horses
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