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Driving From Manhattan (Tribeca)

I'm working on two separate, but related stories. Both take place in the present day. My MC lives in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan.

1-He needs to drive from Tribeca to Delaware. He begins in the early morning. Between 6-9am. I don't have a particular day in mind, so it could be a weekday or weekend. But I do know it's late winter or early spring. It's cold and there is some snow on the ground. 

What route would he take? How long would it take? What would he see during the drive? I've done NJ to Delaware but that was last over 10 yrs agoa and I wasn't driving, so I don't remember a lot. Just that Delaware has a bridge and a tunnel available to cross the river.

2-My MC is traveling from Tribeca out to Teterboro Airport in NJ. It's a Wednesday afternoon/evening, approx 3-5pm when he starts out. The season is Summer.  I haven't decided on the exact month yet. Either a week or so after Memorial day, meaning mid-June. Or, it's after July 4, mid-July.

Again, what route would he likely take? How long would it take? What would he see during the drive? Mapquest suggests a travel time of 24 mins via George Washington Bridge. I'm pretty sure that's unrealistic.
Tags: usa: new york: new york city, ~travel: ground & rail

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