Traveling in Time and Space, you and I (snakewhissperer) wrote in little_details,
Traveling in Time and Space, you and I

kosher and halal in relation to soap


What is required to keep soap kosher and halal? I know that it can't be pork for halal, but does it need the fat need to be procured from a halal butcher? does the lye need any special treatment? Is it even relevant to a non-food item?

What about kosher? I believe dairy and meat can't mix (is that correct? thats what I"ve been reading) but I'm not sure if it applies to soap.

What details do I need to know to keep soap all inclusive? (I've already figured vegetarian, ovo-lacto vegetarian and vegan).

Searches i've done...the web generally, ask-an-imam (no response as of yet), wiki, and the halal knowledge center.

Sorry if this is offensive - I"m trying not to be and making sure not to offend by getting it wrong!
Tags: ~hygiene & grooming, ~religion: islam, ~religion: judaism

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