Tobin (fringedweller) wrote in little_details,

Typical daily duties of a naval nurse

Googled "navy nurse", "typical day of navy nurse" and variations on a theme, read the websites of the UK and US Navies concerning nurses.

I'm writing a Star Trek reboot fic containing a nurse. I'd like to know what her usual standard duties would be for the days when there are no life-threatening emergencies. I thought that a good analogy would be to look at what nurses serving on ships today do, and extrapolate from there but I'm having problems finding exactly what I'm looking for. How would she interact with patients - what sort of injuries/checks could she be responsible for sorting out, and what would be handled by a doctor? What would she do with her time if there were no patients demanding her attention?

Thank you to anybody that can help me.
Tags: uk: military (misc), usa: military (misc), ~medicine (misc)

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